Domestic Conveyancing

Buying and selling residential property

Hudgell & Partners can help you with the purchase of all kinds of residential property in England and Wales from leasehold flats to freehold houses. Our work will include checking the title for the property, carrying out necessary searches and investigating the planning history of the property you are going to buy. Following this a detailed report will be sent to you. We will meet you to discuss our report and sign the contract. After contracts are exchanged we will make arrangements for you to complete your purchase and then register your title at the Land Registry.

When acting for sellers we will draft a contract to sell your property. After this, we will collate an information package and answer the questions raised by the buyer’s solicitor. After exchanging contracts we will arrange completion and settle any mortgage and estate agent’s fees and account to you for the sale proceeds.

Hudgell & Partners act for most major lenders in dealing with the legal work relating to mortgages.

If you want to work out how much it will cost you to buy a property, to sell one or to do both then click through to Hudgell & Partners’ conveyancing calculator


Hudgell & Partners are experienced at dealing with auction properties. If you are selling a property at auction we can prepare the necessary auction pack required by the auctioneer including the special terms of the contract. After the auction we will bring the sale to conclusion and account to you for the proceeds.

If you are buying at auction, we recommend that you use the Hudgell & Partners’ fixed fee Pre-auction Preparation service. This service includes checking the Auction pack, preparing a report on the issues arising from the auction pack.  If you are successful at the auction we can also assist with the post auction conveyancing and Land Registry  registration.  We are happy to give a fixed fee quotation for the post auction conveyancing.

Lease extensions

Once you have owned your leasehold property for at least two years you are entitled to extend your lease. This can either be done by negotiation with your landlord or by forcing your landlord to extend your lease by serving a notice on your landlord requesting an extension of your lease.

If you negotiate a price for the extension with your landlord we can offer a fixed price to deal with the conveyancing. If you have to force the landlord by serving a notice we will charge by the hour for the assistance we give. If you need to learn more about lease extensions and how they affect you, see our Lease extension Information sheet

Re-mortgaging your property

Whether you are remortgaging to extend your lease, or to purchase an extra share (of your shared ownership lease) or to get a better interest rate, we can assist. We will check your title deeds, liaise with your current lender and your new lender and check your new offer. We aim to complete your remortgage rapidly once your offer is made. Contact us for a fixed fee quotation for this service.

Trust Deeds

If you and your partner contributed differing amounts towards the purchase of your property, you may want or need to record this in a trust deed. If a credit rating status prevents a purchaser from appearing on the title deeds, trust deeds can be used to register that purchaser’s contribution. We can assist with drafting many types of trust deed to cover differing situations. The property team at Hudgell & Partners can advise on the process and provide a fixed fee quotation for you.

Transfer of Equity

If you want to add or remove a name from the title deeds to your property, it is called a ‘transfer of equity’. If your property is mortgaged, you will need your lender’s consent to do so. Subject to you obtaining any necessary lender’s consent, we can assist with drafting the necessary documents to effect the transfer of the property.  Please contact us for a fixed fee quotation.

Title Variations

On occasion, you may wish to make alterations to your title deeds. This often arises from an agreement with your landlord, your tenant or your neighbour. For example, you may wish to grant a right of way or sell part of your garden, Whatever changes you have agreed, we can help implement them in a legally binding way.

The Property team at Hudgell & Partners is experienced in all kinds of domestic conveyancing with particular knowledge of the South East London property market. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, contact Nick Hart or you can contact Liz Russell to discuss your needs or telephone 020 8854 1331 to make an appointment.

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